​​Sylvia Katsilometes
Eric is a great drum teacher. He has the ability to connect with the students to push them to do their best without putting too much pressure on them. My son loves to come to his classes. His passion for music is contagious. Eric is very talented and patient. We are so lucky and happy to have found him in our community. Thanks Eric!

Anita Ceja Durham
Eric is a great drum teacher. I know him personally and have seen him interact with his students. You can tell he truly loves what he does. I have seen him put together some awesome drum recitals also. It's fun to see what all the students have learned. Best wishes Eric. Keep up the great work.​

Tina Terry 

Eric is a top notch drummer with skills beyond most. And, those skills have been recognized by many of the artists I have represented. His is perfectly qualified to teach the art of drumming and his patience and love for the instrument make his classes the best. You will learn how to play and probably faster with Eric than with anyone else!

Ginny Dean Schenk
We love Eric! He has been working with our son for a few years. My son loves the way he teaches and Eric is very patient with him.

Tara Hamilton

Eric is a fabulous teacher with more patience than a saint. He not only teaches my son how to play, he encourages a passion and excitement for the music. We've tried SEVERAL sports and activities and this is finally something my son is working hard at and thoroughly enjoys. Eric is the reason for that!

John Householder
A true professional.. Acclaimed and accomplished, performing around the world. He has the experience and perspective to teach and share the beauty, the joy and reward that a musical discipline embraces.

Sara Danks
My son (now 8) began taking drums with Eric over 3 years ago. Instantly Eric made him feel comfortable at the drum kit and before we knew it D was playing songs! This process was so cool to see, and gave him the confidence to really give his all at the kit, while also motivating him to continue as things got more challenging. Eric is patient and just the right amount of flexible and get-down-to-business with our son, who sometimes struggles to stay focused. I would recommend Eric to anyone looking to learn the drums, and already have! For about a year due to circumstances beyond our control, we were forced to look for a new instructor but were unable to find one that provided the same experience for our kid. As soon as it was possible, we were back with Eric and haven't looked back! Thanks for being such a great teacher, Eric!

Amy Revalee Carr
Eric is the best! Our daughter has been taking lessons for over two years. He has a very well-organized approach and always keeps it challenging but at the same time let's her succeed. He is always positive and gives her great feedback. He's very understanding, supportive. He's been a fantastic teacher and influence in her life.

Michael Hamilton

Eric definitely knows his stuff, I'd recommend him to anyone looking to pick up drumming or just sharpen their skills.

Ken Hodgkins
Highly recommended, top notch musician and instructor.

Roger Wiljellm
I've known Eric for five years now and his devotion to his students is unparalleled . Eric offers world class drum instruction for Loveland Ohio and online students.

Candice Paolino
Eric is an amazing instructor and has helped make our son an accomplished drummer. We feel very lucky to have had our son learn from the best!!

Tim Durham
I've taken lesson from Eric for over 4 years. Eric is and a great drum instructor. He is very professional, patient and makes learning drums fun.

Kaci Waters
Eric has been teaching my 7 year old daughter for over a year and we have had a great experience. He is a very talented musician, a fantastic instructor and very patient with kids. My daughter is learning to play different genres of music and is having fun at the same time.

​Steve Davis
We were so fortunate to have Eric teach our son drums. He not only taught the necessary mechanics but more-so the "soul" of the instrument. Eric's insight and experience is priceless. There are learned drummers and there are born drummers and Eric is the latter. His unique multi-media teaching style works so well with kids today. Do yourself a favor and choose Eric. You won't be sorry.....

Jonathon Scott
I met Eric through my tree service business. we happened to talk about what we like to do and he mentioned he was a drum teacher. It just so happened I was looking to start taking lessons. Eric and I began our sessions and also decided to enroll my 6 year old son as well. It has turned out to be a great experience working with Eric and my son loves drumming now. Awesome teaching techniques and very patient. I would highly recommend Eric if you are a rookie or needing to take your skill to the next level. A + teacher and lots of fun.

Kevin Sharp
Eric taught my son for many years and it was amazing what an outstanding job Eric did with him! Mr. Eric is able to teach many genres of drums and keeps his students engaged extremely well. Because of Eric's inspiration it has never been difficult trying to get my son to practice, the harder part is to get him to stop!

Lucas Andersson
I've been a student of Eric's for 2 years, and he is one heck of a drum teacher! I highly recommend him!

Wendy Charlson

My daughter absolutely LOVES Eric! He is fantastic with the kids! She has learned so much in a short amount of time!

Teresa Schmid

My autistic son has been taking lessons from Eric for nearly 8 months. Jimmy is always hesitant going into lessons because he's afraid he'll do something wrong. Eric is very, very patient with him and just good with him in genral! I can now see Jimmy really getting into the lessons. I highly recommend Eric Blume for drum lessons, you can't go wrong! He is highly skilled and very professional!

Kenneth Hodgkins

Eric taught my daughter and myself and made it super easy to learn how to play. Great guy, loads of experience and able to connect with anyone.

lynn Sanzone
Eric has been a great instructor for my son and has made it very fun! He is great at keeping their attention and challenging them!

Cynthia Lampkin
Fantastic instructor! I started taking lessons as an adult and within a year was able to start playing in my churches praise band. I have had so much fun that my kids wanted to start taking lessons with Eric. They have really enjoyed it. He makes the lessons super fun and at the first lesson will have you playing your first song. Then you're hooked! Highly recommend Eric!

Dave Sekela
Great instructor! Eric's been working with our son for a while and we are seeing his passion, capabilities and interest grow each lessson! So glad to have a Eric back in Loveland! Highly suggest him for lessons and his music knowledge!

Liz Dallman
Eric has been teaching my son to play the drums for almost 2 years now. He knows how to teach while keeping it fun. In addition to learning the basics, Eric had him playing along with current day songs right from the first class, which really has kept it fun and interesting. I highly recommend him!

Melissa Evans

Eric is a wonderful drum instructor who always puts his students first. He has a talent for leading his students to want to learn more without pushing them to hard.

Doug Klekamp

​I had been playing drums for a couple years. Starting as an adult, I didn't have much formal training. Eric was able to quickly gauge my skill level and provide me with the necessary tools to take my drumming to the next level. His lesson plans are the right mix of instruction and fun. Plus he has a cool studio which adds to the whole experience. I'd highly recommend Eric to anyone looking to advance their drumming career.

Casey Liddy

My son and I have both taken lessons from Eric and would highly recommend him for anyone of any skill level! I have no musical backgroundand found Eric to be a great teacher. His studio setup makes it easy to learn in a variety of ways. The kids recital is like a rock show! We will miss Saturday afternoons with Eric and are only leaving because we are moving! Thanks and see you soon!

Kiersten Fischer

Eric is fantastic. He helped our son progress quickly after receiving his first drum set. He also worked with him on techniques that have helped him in the school bamd and marching band. Eric knows a wide variety of styles and skills that you just don't get from some instructors. The environment he has created only adds to the experience for the students. I'd highly recommend Eric.

​Mari Faddin

​Eric is a great teacher, he explains things well, introduces a large variety of music, and has a lot of patience with my son. He really personalizes the experience to the ability of the drummer, while gently pushing them to greater success as a musician.

Debbie Hansen

Eric is a great teacher and very talented!! The total atmosphere for drumming at the Loveland studio is awesome! Drumming is a great instrument to learn!! Give him a call!

Chris Furnish

Eric is a Tremendous drum teacher. He has a fabulous drum and recording studio in Loveland, Ohio and truly cares about his students and their passion for learning drums. As an adult, I took lessons with Eric so I could jam with my son, who's a guitarist. Eric has a great passion for teaching drums to students of any age, at any stage, and........he's a terrific drummer himself, just check out his YouTube and Website.....

Erik Bakov

Eric is amazing teacher and friend. Never doubt about going to him. He is certainly the one you would want to have as a teacher.

Everlasting Monsoon

Eric is our drummer's instructor and we have seen a terrific improvement since day one. He knows the type of music we play and does a great job teaching skills through practicing for performances.

​Ben and Melissa Linser

As a former music teacher I really wanted an instructor for my son to be comfortable teaching multiple styles while still creating an enjoyable lesson experience. My son always looked forward to lessons and his growth is very apparent. I have referred Eric to people and will continue. Great work.

​Terry Peterson

Eric has taught two of my children to play drums.Both have really enjoyed Eric's teaching style and have become proficient and excited to keep learning and improving. Eric expands his lessons into recording sessions with technical video productions that the kids love getting to see and share. He's the best!

Rich Paolello

I started drum lessons in March of 2020, I knew how to hold sticks but knew no real 'beats' or patterns.  I've always had good timing & rhythm, but with Eric's guidance and lessons, I played an 'open mic' with friends in September of the same year.  I played over 2.5 hours of music with them just 'winging it'.  My friends couldn't believe I had only been playing for a few months.  I'm no John Bonham, but thanks to Eric, I know ALOT of beats and patterns making it easy to sound like I know what I'm doing!  Eric is an excellent teacher and comes with my highest recommendations!

Greg Matusak

I’ve worked with many music educators and Eric Blume is great. He is a comprehensive drum teacher. Additionally he is professional and his studio is a very accommodating place to learn

Glen Hawkins

I've been taking lessons from Eric exactly 1yr. from this week. I started taking lessons to have one more thing in common with my 9 year old grandson. Who has been taking drum lessons from Eric for over two and a half years. I attended my grandson's recital and was so impressed by how good he was and how muched he enjoyed his playing that it brought tears to my eyes. I knew right then, that I wanted him to share this part of his life with me. I started taking lessons so that I would know what he was talking about when we discussed his druming. But ammediately I feel in love with playinng the drums myself. I couldn't believe how easy and fun, Eric made learning how to play the drums. He makes each lesson fun and exciting. I can't wait to go home and practice what I had just been taught. In a matter of a few lessons you can play hundreds of great songs.My grandson and I get together at my house and just jam..lol Bottom line is that Eric makes learning easy and lots of fun. He has the patience of a saint. There is nothing Eric can't do on a set of drums..I'm still taking lessons and learning new beats, fills and songs. I'm seventy years old, so if he can teach me, he can teach anyone. You won't be disappointed.

Heather Smith

Eric is a very patient and extremely knowledgeable music teacher. He adapts songs so beginner students can quickly gain confidence as they learn to play. He’ll teach you how to read drum music, expose you to different drum beats and styles of drumming, and will even throw in some drumming history. As an adult student, I was worried about my ability to learn a new instrument, but Eric was very encouraging. He made our lessons fun and always had new songs to share to keep me motivated. He’s taught 3 out of 4 members of my family and I wouldn’t recommend anyone but him!

Chaplain Scott Savell

What an outstanding drummer and drum teacher!!! Our son expressed interest in learning to play drums nearly two years ago and we found Eric and the rest is history. He was always well prepared for the lessons and our son caught on pretty fast. Eric insisted our son was "a natural." If you're looking for a drum teacher for yourself or your child, be sure and check out Eric Blume Drumeo Certified Instructor. You won't be disappointed.

Christy Gormas

Eric is great with new students. He makes them comfortable and confident even when they’ve never played before. He has a gift!​

​​Shari Rush

My son has taken drum lessons with Eric for 4 years. He was a great teacher and provided great feedback and videos!

​Casey Liddy

​My son and I have both taken lessons from Eric and would highly recommend him for anyone of any skill level! I have no musical background and found Eric to be a great teacher. His studio setup makes it easy to learn in a variety of ways. The kids recital is like a rock show! We will miss Saturday afternoons with Eric and are only leaving because we are moving!

Gretchen Watts​

Eric is a talented musician and teacher. He is organized, prompt, and plans lessons individualized for the student's needs, strengths, interests, and goals. I highly recommend him!

​Brian Tull​​

​Taking lessons from Eric has been a great experience. Besides being very talented behind the kit he is incredibly knowledgeable and professional. I have noticed an improvement in my playing after just a few lessons. Very easy to work with and accommodating. I highly recommend Eric Blume.

Eric Blume's 40 years of drumming has inspired many students and fans. Eric has taught private lessons, group lessons and clinics around the world. As a Drumeo (Drum Education Online) certified instructor, Eric provides lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced students, covering all styles of music. Beginning at age 5 students receive a personalized education that includes rudiments, sight reading, ear training and technique. Please visit Eric's you tube page @ www.youtube.com/ericblumedrummer, there you will find videos of Eric, as well as hundreds of videos of his Loveland area students.  

                   Now Teaching At 

      Loveland Artist Studios On Main 

               529 Main St, Suite 146

                Loveland Ohio 45140​

​​​​​​​​​​Eric Blume

Drumeo Certified Instructor