Eric Blume's 35 years of drumming has inspired many students and fans. Eric has taught private lessons, group lessons and clinics around the world. As a Drumeo (Drum Education Online) certified instructor, Eric provides lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced students, covering all styles of music. Beginning at age 4 students receive a one of a kind education that includes rudiments, sight reading, ear training and technique. Please visit Eric's you tube page @, there you will find videos of Eric, as well as hundreds of videos of his students. You can also find more info at Eric's website, . Many thanks and have a great day.

Now teaching at The Loveland Artist Studios On Main St 

                          529 Main St Suite 146

                          Loveland Ohio 45140

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Cell = 614-353-6257
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​​​​​​​​​Eric Blume

Drumeo Certified Instructor

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