lynn Sanzone
Eric has been a great instructor for my son and has made it very fun! He is great at keeping their attention and challenging them!

Dave Sekela
Great instructor! Eric's been working with our son for a while and we are seeing his passion, capabilities and interest grow each lessson! So glad to have a Eric back in Loveland! Highly suggest him for lessons and his music knowledge!

Steve Davis
We were so fortunate to have Eric teach our son drums. He not only taught the necessary mechanics but more-so the "soul" of the instrument. Eric's insight and experience is priceless. There are learned drummers and there are born drummers and Eric is the latter. His unique multi-media teaching style works so well with kids today. Do yourself a favor and choose Eric. You won't be sorry.....


Skull The Drummer
I've been a student of Eric's for 2 years, and he is one heck of a drum teacher! I highly recommend him!

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Jonathon Scott
I met Eric through my tree service business. we happened to talk about what we like to do and he mentioned he was a drum teacher. It just so happened I was looking to start taking lessons. Eric and I began our sessions and also decided to enroll my 6 year old son as well. It has turned out to be a great experience working with Eric and my son loves drumming now. Awesome teaching techniques and very patient. I would highly recommend Eric if you are a rookie or needing to take your skill to the next level. A + teacher and lots of fun.

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* Now teaching online via skype.
* Learning to play drums is fun and easy.
* Drumming provides a sense of accomplishment and confidence.
* Drumming improves concentration and hand eye coordination.

* Lessons for Bell Kits.

* Concert Band, Jazz Band and Marching Band Prep.
* Multi Camera Videos shoots provided for all local students.
* All students learn listening skills, sight reading, rudiments and technique.

* Drumming improves math skills as well as critical thinking.

* Drum Lessons offered noon - 9pm, 7 Days a week.

* 2-3 recitals per year.

* Weekly Group Lessons.

* Lesson cost $20/30, $30/45, $40/60 minute lesson (1 lesson per week minimum).

* First Lesson Free,  Call or Email Today!!

                       Now Teaching At

           Loveland Artist Studios On Main 

                    529 Main St, Suite 146

                     Loveland Ohio 45140

​​Visit my youtube page for a better understanding of the kind of service I offer. There you can find over 250  videos of my Loveland area students ranging from all ages and ability levels. Children with special needs are welcomed.​​

Kevin Sharp
Eric taught my son for many years and it was amazing what an outstanding job Eric did with him! Mr. Eric is able to teach many genres of drums and keeps his students engaged extremely well. Because of Eric's inspiration it has never been difficult trying to get my son to practice, the harder part is to get him to stop!

Liz Dallman
Eric has been teaching my son to play the drums for almost 2 years now. He knows how to teach while keeping it fun. In addition to learning the basics, Eric had him playing along with current day songs right from the first class, which really has kept it fun and interesting. I highly recommend him!

​​Cynthia Lampkin
Fantastic instructor! I started taking lessons as an adult and within a year was able to start playing in my churches praise band. I have had so much fun that my kids wanted to start taking lessons with Eric. They have really enjoyed it. He makes the lessons super fun and at the first lesson will have you playing your first song. Then you're hooked! Highly recommend Eric!

​​​​​​​​​Eric Blume

Drumeo Certified Instructor