* Now teaching online via Skype.
* Learning to play drums is fun and easy.
* Drumming provides a sense of accomplishment and confidence.
* Drumming improves concentration, hand eye coordination and math skills.

* Lessons for Bell Kits.

* Concert Band, Jazz Band and Marching Band Prep.

* College Prep. 
* Multi Camera Videos shoots provided for all local students.
* All students learn listening skills, sight reading, rudiments and technique.

* Lesson on Electronic and Acoustic Drums.

* Drum Lessons offered noon - 9pm, 7 Days a week.

* 2-3 recitals per year.

* Weekly Group Lessons.

* Lesson cost $20/30, $30/45, $40/60 minute lesson (1 lesson per week minimum).

* Call or Email Today!!

                       Now Teaching At

           Loveland Artist Studios On Main 

                    529 Main St, Suite 146

                     Loveland Ohio 45140

​​Visit my youtube page for a better understanding of the kind of service I offer. There you can find over 400  videos of my Loveland area students ranging from all ages and ability levels. 



Please visit my youtube page for more great drum videos. 

​​​​​​​​​​Eric Blume

Drumeo Certified Instructor

                                    Teresa Schmid Photography

July 14th 2018

Recital Video

March 10th 2018

Recital Photos