* Now teaching online via Skype, Facebook Messenger and Google Hang Outs.
* Playing drums is fun yet challenging.
* Drumming provides a sense of accomplishment and confidence.
* Drumming improves concentration, hand eye coordination and math skills.

* Lessons for Bell Kits.

* Concert Band, Jazz Band and Marching Band Prep.

* College Prep. 
* Multi Camera Videos shoots provided for all local students.
* All students learn listening skills, sight reading, rudiments and technique.

* Lesson on Electronic and Acoustic Drums.

* Drum Lessons offered noon - 9pm, 7 Days a week.

* 2-3 recitals per year.

* Weekly Group Lessons.

* Call or Email Today!!

​​Visit my youtube page for a better understanding of the kind of service I offer. There you can find over 900  videos of my Loveland area students ranging from all ages and ability levels. 


March 11th 2023 Drum Recital

Visit my youtube page for more great drum videos. 

​​​​​​​​​​Eric Blume

Drumeo Certified Instructor